Okay, so check this out.

At this point you are simply DAZZLED by all the things I do. Well buckle in, I'm about to get even more impressive: I also lead private food & drink walking tours in Los Angeles.

Like most people with a brain in their heads, I love to travel. In fact, the first thing I do when I arrive in a new place is research where the locals eat & drink. I want to do it the way they do it, and I constantly find myself wishing I had somebody to show me the spots I need to hit.
My tours were born out of just that--  the idea of a local guide showing you the good stuff. My goal is to create a memorable experience that tells the story of Los Angeles through its food and beverage.

Take a gander at the different tours I offer with the dropdown menu above. I can't wait to eat and drink with ya.


Don't drink? Don't eat? Great news, if you're booking for five or more people, my tours are completely customizable. Just shoot me a message and I'll whip up a custom tour!

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